The Washington County Master Gardener Association is
a non-profit educational service organization of trained volunteers who provide sound, research-based horticultural information to the community.   

Washington County Master Gardener Association is comprised of area residents who are certified Master Gardeners having had the benefit of instruction and training on an array of horticultural topics by acknowledged experts.

Sponsored by the Oregon State University Extension Service, the Washington County Master Gardener
Association is a member organization of the Oregon Master Gardener Association and the Metro Master Gardeners Association. The Oregon Master Gardener program is an educational and volunteer program offered through the Oregon State University Extension Service.  It is open to people of all ages, regardless of socioeconomic level, race, color, sex, or handicap.

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Public Service Building
155 N. 1st Ave. #200
Hillsboro, 97124

503-821-1150 option 2

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Calendar of Upcoming Events
This page was last updated: April 8, 2014

  Date        Day                                            Event                                                                               

    1           Tue       WCMGA Chapter Meeting with Potluck for new members & Program: Slugs
                                               & Snails – Know Your Enemy, with Claudia Groth,    Potluck for       
                                               2014 Class  @ begins 6:00pm  Public event   Click here

    8           Tue  9:30 AM  Container Gardening for Vegetables and Herbs * – Tour the demo
                                              garden with Jerry Anderson, OSU Extension Master Gardener,
                                              and see the container garden project. Learn about sizes, shapes
                                              and what to plant in containers. Jerry will discuss soils, fertilizers,                                                drainage, and appropriate sized containers for various plant
                                              materials. Location: Demonstration Garden at the Washington
                                              County Fair Complex, Hillsboro

  10           Thur  10 AM   Simplifying Compost * – Organizing your composting goals will go a
                                              long way in selecting the system that is right for you. Join Deb
                                              Jones, OSU Extension Master Gardener, to review various
                                              systems and how they work.  Participants will have hands on
                                              opportunity to set up the simple wire cylinder system. Location:                                                    The Learning Garden at Jenkins Estate, Beaverton

  15            Tue 9:30 AM   Mason Bees and Other Native Pollinators * – Learn the life cycle,
                                              nesting habits and management of mason bees with Ron Spendal,
                                              OSU Extension Master Gardener. Location: Demonstration Garden
                                              at the Washington County Fair Complex, Hillsboro

  19            Sat                      Square Foot Gardening, 10:30 am – noon, at the Forest Grove
                                               Library (Grow It Series) (Lynn Cox) Public event    Click here

  22            Tue 9:30 AM       Ornamental Pruning, the Reaction to the Action * – Lyle Feilmeier,
                                              of Collier Arbor Care, will show the do-it-yourself pruner the next
                                              level of pruning.  Learn to identify and understand the objective
                                              you want to achieve and the reaction the plant will have
                                              depending on the species and the time of year you prune.  Lyle
                                              will cover several styles of pruning to help improve the
                                              aesthetics and your landscape value.  Location: Demonstration 
                                              Garden at the Washington County Fair Complex,  Hillsboro

* Class is approved for Master Gardener veteran recertification training.

  Date        Day                                            Event                                                                               
    6           Tue                      WCMGA Chapter Meeting with Program –  Clematis Myth-Busters
                                              with Linda Beutler.   Public event  Click here    

    8           Thurs                  Planting Blueberries* –OSU Extension Master Gardener,
                                             Cindy Muir will discuss varieties, placement, soil and water
                                             requirement for growing blue berries in the home landscape.
                                             Public event  Click here    

  13           Tue                      Vertical Gardening* – OSU Extension Master Gardener,
                                             Jerry Anderson and David Russell of the Tualatin Valley Garden
                                             Club, will show and discuss how to use recycled/reclaimed
                                             materials for vertical gardening to help maximize your garden
                                             space and share varieties of plants which perform best in a
                                             vertical garden.  Public event  Click here

  17            Sat                     Year Around Vegetable Gardening, 10:30 am – noon, at the
                                             Community Auditorium (across from the library at 1915 Main St.,
                                             Forest Grove)     Public event  Click here

  20            Tue                     Tomato Planting 101* – OSU Extension Master Gardener,
                                              Vern Vanderzanden will present the basics on planting tomatoes
                                              and share tips and ideas for getting the most out of the growing
                                              season.    Public event   Click here

   21           Wed                    Art and Science of Testing and Improving Your Garden Soil*
                                              Learn the tips and tricks of getting to know your garden soil from
                                              Dr. Pukhraj Deol, Urban and Community Horticulture Instructor,
                                              OSU Extension Service. Bring soil sample from your garden for
                                              hands on fun soil testing by feel method! Note: Bringing soil
                                              sample is optional. Make sure to remove the mulch and other
                                              organic materials from the surface before you collect soil sample
                                              from your garden.    Public event   Click here

   21           Wed     Deadline for notifying Joann Caruthers at either 503-625-1793 or at
                  to visit the Porterhowse Farms and Arboretum,
                                                 ----> June 11th <-------
                       Porterhowse Farms & Arboretum Field Trip
                             Master Gardeners will have the opportunity to visit the Porterhowse Farms,
                                             and Arboretum, June 11th. Owner, Don Howse, is giving us a
                                             tour of his amazing conifer collection from 30+ years of collecting
                                             over 2000 conifer species. Planted among the conifers are
                                             broadleaf trees, shrubs, flowering bulbs, succulents, alpine rock
                                             garden plants and bamboo, all connected by trails taking us
                                             through the arboretum in a variety of settings.  Also available to
                                             us will be the group picnic area, so our MGs may bring a picnic
                                             lunch to sit and enjoy the garden after our tour.  A sales area, at
                                             Porterhowse, offers plants in various-sized  containers for
                                             purchase.  Carpooling is encouraged.  The Porterhowse tour is at
                                             10:30am, June 11th.  Address: Porterhowse Farms,
                                             41370 SE Thomas Rd, Sandy, OR 97055

* Class is approved for Master Gardener veteran recertification training.